Hey Startup Owner, Stop Losing Money

This is what I figured out and I lost a lot of time and money till I figured out one glaringly simple truth – If you don’t automate your lead generation and other boring aspects of your business, you’ll always be behind the competition.


This is what most people won’t tell you: In this day and age, entrepreneurs who win are not the ones who can work the hardest but those who leverage automation the most.


How would you like to truly automate your marketing. Generating new leads day in, day out while you live the life you deserve.

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Our Skills

Talkbrands is a freelance digital marketing agency specializing in optimization and creation of efficient b2c and d2c marketing funnels. We know how much business owners, especially b2c startup owners lose from bad follow-up processes and lack of automation. We have concrete and authentic systems to help.

  • A/B Testing
  • Conversion Copy Writing
  • Funnel Creation
  • Landing Page Design
  • Lead Management


B2C Website Conversion Funnels

Are you spending huge amounts on ads, content and promotion, only to see little results? Let’s take a look at your strategy and help optimize your conversion funnel. You know you need to spend more time off your business and do other things that matter to you. Let’s tweak or recreate your funnel and make it more effective.

B2C Email Funnel Drips

Are you really serious about taking control of your lead generation process? Then you need to stop sales leads falling through the cracks. Let’s turn hesitant prospects into trusted customers. We will give you a good shot at staying top of mind and nurturing leads efficiently.

Cash in on new leads without breaking a sweat


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