Our Mission

Our goal is to help reduce startup founder fatigue which is common in b2c industries, automate marketing processes so founders can have more time to recharge.

Our aim isn’t just to set up systems that take buyers from the awareness to the decision stage but to create pre-purchase and post-purchase follow-ups as well as cross sell and up sell campaigns. And to do all these in a way that everything is personalized and relevant.

Dan Olujinmi started Talkbrands in February 2019, seeing that many b2c businesses in Nigeria do not automate their marketing processes. To provide context, An Instapage survey proved advertising automation can save a business up to $130,000 (N47 million) a year in running costs. The survey also revealed that omnichannel marketing automation produces up to 250% higher purchase and engagement rates than single-channel marketing automation.


What We Do

Talkbrands is a freelance digital marketing agency creating personalized marketing funnels and templates for b2c and d2c businesses, especially startups driving traffic but seeing subpar conversions. We handle sales copy writing, landing page design, email automation templates + setup and A/B testing.

Why the name Talkbrands?

Seems a good name for a marketing agency 🙂

Our Mission Statement

We want to help reduce b2c startup founder fatigue by taking advantage of simplification and marketing automation tools.

First a Couple Questions