Devlin Blake’s Web Copy Writing

Devlin Blake is an author and writing coach who has written a couple best sellers on Amazon.

As a story teller and coach, it was necessary to portray competence by weaving stories and anecdotes through her website copy. Yet, people should be able to get the crux and get it fast.

So we created a conversion optimized version of her pages that harped on a story and a process. We worked on all pages of her website, including the about page. Talkbrands was later hired to work on a landing page copy for her website.

I’m not sure what I was expecting, but it wasn’t anything this good.

Devlin Blake

Fear Hacking Journal Crowdfunding Campaign

One of the most enjoyable work Talkbrands was hired for was developing a story for Fear Hacking Journal 2, a project inspired by Tim Ferris’s Fear Hacking TED Talk.

Being a personal development tool, it was something we were interested in so we had a lot of questions. We developed the founder’s story right from a teenage Kenyan girl suffering from Diabetes to the brainwave point where she went all in with an idea that could help people conquer their fears. The Fear Hacking Journal has been featured on the New York Times and many other major publications.

We got exactly what we were looking for. It was both fast and high quality.

Keni Maati


Email Consulting for Elementary SchoolMate

Elementary SchoolMate’s project was another we loved working on. They are a company that delivers free folders to nearly 100 schools across Texas, issuing over 40,000 free folders annually.

These folders were also going to be a creative chance for businesses to advertise their work to homes across Texas in a low-cost, non-intrusive way. So they crafted an email pitch to reach out to select businesses.

This non-conventional business idea was something we found laudable. But the email seemed too boring. We believe it was a chance for businesses to give back to the community while also getting their brand more state-wide exposure. This unique USP had to pop up. Hence we outlined some ideas, gave unique examples to help pack more puch into their email.

Talkbrands provided a lot of great pointers for me to adjust my strategy and improve my sales. 

Peter Ngo


Email Sequence for NCCSCADCAM Australia New Year Promotions

NCCSCadCam Australia is the major seller of hi-tech engineering software in Australia. They were running year-end promotional offers for existing customers. Talkbrands was tasked with creating these emails. We had two goals for our emails:

– We didn’t want to appear too salesy since we were dealing with a brand that already had a major reputation. So we flipped the script – highlighted features rather than benefits.
– We wanted to create urgency so we had to put in a time limit.

Since we were dealing with an engineering business, we kept the tone more professional than friendly.

Prospecting Email Sequence for InstaMD

We wrote a series of prospecting emails for InstaMD, a remote health care and medical analytics service provider. Since there were a lot of major competitors, we needed to focus on what makes InstaMD unique and weave this through our emails with enough social proof. Basically the fact that InstaMD provides the highest return on investment in the RPM industry.

Email Consulting for Analytical Clean

Analytical Clean is one of the top 10 best cleaning companies in Oakland county. They wanted to reach out to real estate agents who were looking to surprise new clients with a move-in cleaning. We checked their email pitch and gave five unique suggestions and examples to help improve their open rates.

The first suggestion was to change their weak headline into one that offers a catchy value proposition straight off the bat. We were later hired to write a new email pitch for marketing Analytical Clean’s move-in cleaning service.


Great Job.

Carline Dugue


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