Our Process

B2C Website Conversion Funnels

Now you too can start getting new leads on auto pilot … Even If You’re an internet marketing novice!

Are you driving a lot of traffic to your website but getting low conversions? Then you need an efficient, well-formatted website conversion funnel. Are you doing a lot of marketing but your conversions are low? It could mean you have an inefficient funnel.

How can Talkbrands help?

We create or optimize simple but powerful website conversion funnels. From analyzing your conversion path, building processes and creating colorful and exciting copywriting, we will get more of your visitors to take action all without you needing to lift a finger.

We do this via a mix of:

  • Conversion Copywriting (landing page, email)
  • Landing page A/B testing
  • Landing page design (LeadPages)
  • Integration with automation software
  • Opt in form and exit intent popup design (LeadPages)
  • Google Adwords Set up
  • Google Adwords Management

B2C Drip Email Funnels

Who else wants to convert leads to customers and customers to repeat customers?

You need a good b2c drip email funnel with an efficient segmentation strategy.


People visiting your website or engaging with your Facebook ads are in different stages of the buyer’s cycle.

Why Talkbrands?

Our approach is to create unique email sequences for each of these three stages – awareness; consideration and decision. Segmenting users by interest level and engagement so you can spend more time on ready to buy leads while automating interaction with leads in the consideration stage.

In effect, we handle your:

  • Email opt in form setup (Privy)
  • Email sequences
  • Email automation setup (Mailchimp)
  • Mailchimp + Hubspot Marketing Software Integration
  • Lead Scoring (Hubspot Marketing Software)

Cold Email Funnels

No more wasteful cold emails! Make every email count.

Have a high quality list of cold prospects? Then it’s time to automate your cold prospecting

Why Talkbrands?

We help you stand out with thoroughly thought out email campaigns, automation and A/B testing, so you can rinse and repeat sequences that work.

We will engage through:

  • Cold email outreach sequences
  • Cold email automation setup (Apollo.io)
  • A/B testing

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